3D ultrasound

MRI fusion biopsy

Prostate diagnostics using MRI fusion biopsy:

If prostate cancer is a possibility, we want to be certain: Are malignant cells to be found or not? To answer this question, we need to perform a biopsy to obtain and analyse samples from the prostate tissue. However, only if we manage to take the samples directly from the site in question will we be sure that the results we obtain are reliable. Unfortunately, ultrasound alone often lets us down, as we can only roughly visualise the site in question with this 2D imaging method. This is not the case when combining a live ultrasound with a pre-recorded MRI scan of the prostate: By merging the two scans, we obtain a three-dimensional image that allows the suspicious prostate site(s) analysed by the radiologist to be targeted precisely and thus examined with pinpoint accuracy. We can use this method to detect and promptly treat even the smallest lesions.